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How to Connect Your Zuora Account

Once your account has been activated for Churnkey Enterprise, you’ll see the option to integrate with Zuora on our Billing Provider page. In order to connect Churnkey with your billing system, you’ll need an API username and password. We recommend following Zuora’s best practice of creating a dedicated API user as detailed below:

Step 1. Create a dedicated API User

Log-in to Zuora as the Tenant Administrator

  1. Create an API user role
    1. Navigate to Admin Settings and click Manage User Roles
    2. Then on the Manage Roles page, click Add new role
    3. Under Platform Permissions, select the API Write Access check box and click save
  2. Create an API user
    1. Navigate to Admin Settings and click Manage Users
    2. Click ”add single user” and select API user for the platform role
    3. Make sure the API user accepts any pending invitation email

Step 2. Connect Churnkey to Zuora

  1. From you Churnkey account, navigate to Settings —> Billing Provider.
  2. Then click the Zuora integration and enter the newly created API User’s credentials.
  3. Click save and within a few seconds you should see a success notification.

How is the API used?

I. Add discounts to your cancel flow

After you connect Zuora, you’ll be able to offer your customers discounts as part of your cancel flow. Please note that you will only see your Zuora coupons after you’ve connected your live Zuora account.

  1. In the “Offers” tab of the flow builder, choose “Apply Zuora Coupon”
  2. Choose the coupon you’d like to offer customers in the dropdown labeled “Zuora Coupon”

II. Personalize cancel flows with customer attributes and segmentation

Use customer segmentation to reduce voluntary churn with targeted cancel flows. With segmentation, you can target specific customers based on subscription attributes and serve up unique cancel flows for each of them. After all, someone who signed up yesterday should be spoken to differently from a customer who’s been a paying subscriber for years.

🚀 Customer Segmentation Launch Details

Available attributes for segmentation

  • Plan
  • Price
  • Subscription age
  • Subscription creation date
  • Billing interval (weekly, monthly, annual, etc)
  • Trial vs Active subscription
  • Zuora Metadata (custom_fields property)

III. Updating customer subscriptions on your behalf

When a customer goes through your cancel flow and (hopefully) accepts a pause or discount offer, Churnkey takes care of the billing updates for you.

Churnkey is able to perform the following actions on your behalf

1. Pause a subscription 2. Apply a discount 3. Cancel a subscription

We'll look at each one of these in a little bit more detail.

Pause Subscription

Churnkey uses Zuora's built-in pause feature which will update the subscription's state property to paused. The pause_interval_count field will automatically be set by Churnkey depending on the length of the pause selected.

If there’s a maximum pause length you want to offer, you can set a limit when configuring your offboarding flow.

If you would like to implement a custom function for handling pause events, you can override the default behavior using the handlePause callback (see Custom Callbacks).

Apply a Discount

In the Churnkey offer builder, you can offer specific discounts to customers. These discounts are populated based on the coupons that you have created in your Zuora account.

When a customer accepts a discount, if a subscription ID was provided when initializing the Churnkey embed, the coupon will be applied to that subscription. If just a customer ID is provided, that coupon is applied at the customer account level. It’s important to consider how Zuora handles discount scope, if you wish to use provide both IDs.

Finally, if you would like to implement a customer function for applying discounts, you can do so using the handleDiscount callback (see Custom Callbacks).

Cancel Subscription

Churnkey can handle canceling your customer's subscription for you. By default, a customer's subscription will be set to cancel at the end of the current period, but this behavior can be modified to cancel a user's subscription immediately.

Under the hood, Churnkey follows Zuora best practices on canceling.

If you would like to implement a customer function for canceling subscriptions, you can do so using the handleCancel callback (see Custom Callbacks).

IV. Calculating boosted revenue

Once you’ve connected your Zuora account, you’ll be able to track customer reactivations and boosted revenue. Boosted revenue is the extra revenue you receive from customers who stayed on instead of canceling.

You can track boosted revenue on your Churnkey dashboard.


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