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Supercharge all aspects of customer retention to optimize your company’s growth. Keep more customers with personalized cancel flows, recover failed payments, and inform customer-driven product development with AI feedback analysis.

Where do I start?

Need to integrate Churnkey with your web app? Head to our complete walkthrough:

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What are the latest updates?

We ship new code every week.

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Want details on connecting your billing provider?

Churnkey does a lot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to updating customer subscriptions during the cancel flow, including pausing subscriptions, applying discounts, and canceling subscriptions at the end of the billing month. Learn more about exactly what actions Churnkey can take on your behalf with our billing provider guides.

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Interested in getting the most out of Churnkey?

Add Churnkey to your company Slack channel to keep your finger on the pulse.


Update customer profiles in CRMs like, Hubspot, and Intercom with custom webhooks.


Use our data API to connect rich customer data to your data warehouse

Data APIData API

Get started with a low-code implementation of Churnkey’s cancel flow

Email-Verified Cancel FlowEmail-Verified Cancel Flow

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