Customer Health

Customer Health

Customer Health

A healthy customer is a customer less likely to churn. Churnkey can help you identify which of your customers are happy, which aren’t, and begin the process of proactive retention.

Why wait until after a customer decides to churn before taking action to retain them? Proactively understanding your customers' health enables you to take preemptive action such as making feature announcements, enhancing awareness or education of your products, offering personalized discounts or coupons, and upselling satisfied customers. By identifying customers by their health score, you can take individualized churn mitigation action. Prioritizing Customer Health is key to maintaining your company's competitive edge.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Customer Health scoring utilizes billing data including how long customers been subscribed, if they have any delinquent payments, card brand, and more, to assess customer health, and ranks them based on their likelihood to churn. We recommend, as a best practice, to include custom events in order to further inform our model and increase the accuracy of our rankings.

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Custom Events Integration

To refine and enrich the customer heath predictive model, submit additional data points, which could be events such as specific number of uses of a product or number of logins. Ideally, for our model, we recommend sending 3-6 months worth of data. In the submission, data must include user id, created at, and event.

Please note, we need to map your user ID’s, from your database to your customer ID’s from your billing provider.

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Customer Health Dashboard

Customer health information, right at your fingertips.

Customer Health

At a glance, see what percentage of your customers fall into Low, Medium, and High risk health buckets. Watch your Sentiment trends over time to how your customers have felt about your company over time based of freeform feedback analysis.



Stay informed about individual customers by monitoring the watchlist. Utilize filters to track the health trends of all customers. Seamlessly export customer data categorized by health buckets for tailored email campaigns. Enhance customer retention by strategically upselling low-risk customers to larger subscription plans, or opt them out from unnecessary email communications to mitigate potential cancellations. Identify medium-risk customers for personalized promotions, nudging them towards annual plans to minimize churn. Safeguard customer satisfaction by excluding high-risk customers from promotional emails, preventing any potential cancellations. Lastly, empower low-risk customers with enticing offers to upgrade their plans, ensuring they receive the best value for their subscription.


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