Launch Log

Launch Log

Launch Log


Our small, specialized team ships new code with bi-weekly releases.

June 2022 (ongoing)

  • A new sidebar layout makes Churnkey easier to navigate
  • Custom attributes
    • Show customers different cancel flows based on custom key-value metrics

May 2022

April 2022

  • Launch Insight AI
    • Not your token AI. Our state-of-the-art neural net looks through every piece of customer feedback and automatically sorts it into categories like feature suggestions, refund requests, and testimonial-worthy feedback.
  • Launch a brand new dashboard with features including:
    • Boosted revenue: see exactly how much revenue you’re boosting with Churnkey
    • Reactivation rates after discounts and pauses
    • Recent saves
    • Text search of user feedback
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March 2022

  • Developed our boosted revenue metric which tracks exactly how much revenue you’re gaining with custom cancellation flows and dynamic offers
  • Break down session outcomes and cancellation reasons by customer segments (plan, billing interval, subscription age, and more)


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